For the Do It Yourself Home Owners

We understand here at Yoos Expert Tree Service, that sometimes it is just easier to take care of some yard work yourself, no problem. We offer a few services that might help with the completion of that yard work.

- Branch Pile removal and chipping

- Tree Trunk removal: pick up and disposal of tree trunks that you cut down yourself

- Stump grinding

- Leaf removal and shredding


During the year we can also offer you seasoned firewood of a few wood varieties. The wood is split and aged for a minimum of 9 months before sale to the customer. Our firewood crew will deliver, dump, and/or stack the firewood you order at a location of your choosing. Please call us anytime for the current cord rate and to schedule your delivery.

Tree Fertilization

Have you ever noticed any odd coloring in your tree? Allow us to perform an evaluation of your tree to determine if it is diseased or in need of fertilization.  Let us determine a fertilization schedule to restore your tree's beauty and health.

Tree Removal

Eliminate dead and dangerous trees from your property with our tree removal service.  If your tree is not a hazard, you may consider removing it to allow more sunlight onto your property or to prepare for installation of a new pool or deck.  The rest of your landscape will remain pristine and intact with our professional tree technicians on the job.

- Swimming Pool Prepping: removal of trees or trimming of trees

- Removing of selective trees for more sunlight on lawn or swimming pool

- Strategic removal of unsafe trees, deemed by our Certified Tree Expert (example: trees near home or other valuable structures)

Tree Cabling

Preserve the structure of your beautiful tree with our tree cabling services, as we install support structures to help stabilize weaker branches.  With support cabling, we anchor the compromised limb or limbs to healthier, more stable limbs, keeping your property safer while you continue to enjoy your tree's aesthetic appeal.

Stump Grinding

Once your tree has been removed, we recommend stump grinding to allow for the installation of grass or other landscaping elements.  In many situations, a tree stump cannot be removed manually, since tree roots are widespread and excessive digging will damage your property.  With our service, your stump will be ground down 12 inches below ground level, with wood shavings removed and your soil replaced.

Tree Pruning

We look after your tree's health with our tree pruning services. Allow us to remove overhanging limbs that put you and your property in danger while creating a more desirable shape for your tree.  With selective pruning, we can alter your tree's growth to direct it away from your roof, power lines, and other danger zones. As true professionals, we always adhere to national pruning standards.

- Dead Wood Removal from trees

- Target Pruning: enhancing the growth pattern of the tree

​- Vista Pruning: visual improvement of the property (example: to see a garden feature 100ft off your back deck)


Please remember...

Having an unlicensed professional perform tree services on your property could result in serious and costly damage later on, not to mention liability.  Trust the professionals at Yoos Expert Tree Service, for safe and sure tree services on your commercial or residential property.

Yoos Expert Tree Service

Emergency Services

You will appreciate our expedient Emergency Services to address storm damage on your commercial or residential property.  Since we use a knuckle boom crane, we are able to work in tight and hard-to-reach areas while providing all of our services.

Trimming - Removal - Stump Grinding - Crane Rental

NJ Certified Tree Expert #443